Life Everlasting

This life seems so finite, we begin by being born, then end by dying.  Have you ever thought of life before and after life?  Our lives are not so finite as they seem, but very eternal and significant.  It really is about perspective, seeing the bigger picture gives meaning to his life on earth, and hope for the hereafter.  Recently I attended my Grandfather’s funeral, a truly great man who lived an extraordinary life.  At first it was hard to come to grips that he was actually gone.  Right before the funeral service we gathered as a family for a prayer, and to see my grandfather one last time.  As they closed the casket I remember having an intense feeling that he was still very much alive in spirit.  He no longer was bound by his diseased body, but free and intelligent as ever in the world of spirits.  I know that there is a place where the spirit goes after it leaves the body and lives on until it is reunited with the body.  It was a very comforting thought to know where my grandpa is and that he is happy, and that I will see him again.

In an article given by Russell M. Nelson, an Apostle of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he states, “Death separates ‘the spirit and the body which are the soul of man’ (D&C 88:15).  That separation evokes pangs of sorrow and shock among those left behind. The hurt is real.  The only length of life that seems to satisfy the longings of the human heart is life everlasting.”  The sorrow is lessened at death because of this principle.  Brother Nelson said so perfectly:

“Life does not begin with birth, nor does it end with death. Prior to our birth, we dwelled as spirit children with our Father in Heaven. There we eagerly anticipated the possibility of coming to earth and obtaining a physical body. Knowingly we wanted the risks of mortality, which would allow the exercise of agency and accountability. “This life [was to become] a probationary state; a time to prepare to meet God.” (Alma 12:24.) But we regarded the returning home as the best part of that long-awaited trip, just as we do now. Before embarking on any journey, we like to have some assurance of a round-trip ticket. Returning from earth to life in our heavenly home requires passage through—and not around—the doors of death. We were born to die, and we die to live. (See2 Cor. 6:9.) As seedlings of God, we barely blossom on earth; we fully flower in heaven.”

I can say without a doubt that there is a place prepared for us when we die, where we will be reunited with our loved ones.

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